Conversation Notes

What Artists Knead Breadmaking Parties
Conversation Notes
54 participants (artists + artist allies) in five breadmaking parties in five different neighborhoods made bread and ate bread together, discussing the question:
What do you want to see in the future of creative Boston?

What Artists Knead Breadmaking Party #1
Public Art Salon, Four Corners
Washington St. at Bowdoin St., Dorchester
6pm-8pm, Friday, August 28, 2015
Co-host Aziza Robinson-Goodnight
Guest Chef Fulani Haynes
[10 Participants]
-get more people involved in community gatherings like the Public Art Salon
-more spaces for local artists to perform
- more theatres and plays
- a community food festival, like the Phantom Food Festival
- outdoor music performances
- City-wide festival with music in each neighborhood
- Use local parks and libraries to host events
What Artists Knead Breadmaking Party Notes
Shaw Pong’s House
Hubbard St., Jamaica Plain
10am-1pm, Saturday, August 29, 2015
                host Shaw Pong Liu
[16 participants]
-   community of artists coming together, cross-disciplinary
-   more small gatherings: building personal connections bridging the gap between independent grassroots artists and large organizations
-   resources for artist business needs
   workshops for grantwriting
-   mentorships between big and young organizations, and between established and young artists
   outline incentives to larger orgs to mentor smaller
  see opportunity to grow/expand/change audience base
-   a single, centralized information infrastructure desperately needed
   information about grant opportunities, RFPs
   connect with artists across disciplines
   private, below-market housing exchange for artists “ArtBnB”
   online forum to continue conversations about how to make Boston a better creative city and how to strengthen communities
-   more grants for individual artists not tied to a 501(c)3
-   streamline health insurance application process to be friendlier to freelancers
   more affordable performance venues which are perceived as serious, quality art spaces without costing a lot
more affordable artist housing, subsidized by City for artists –what is happening with the BRA artist housing?
Creative mixed use – like “Art in Sacred Spaces” initiative
Affordable storefront space
-Decades-old artist cooperative cannot find storefront space that is affordable and reaches clientele who can pay
-   a City that supports the arts through subsidized spaces
  like Amsterdam: buildings of free working spaces for artists, sign up for hours and indicate your project, only stipulation is that you be willing to chat with others who may stop by and inquire about your work (builds community and happenstance connections like an incubator)
   like Seoul, Korea: community rehearsal spaces for free or small per hour rate
-   given mobility of artists, services should not be limited to residents of the City
-   artists collaborating with real estate developers to receive a portion of profits after an area that artists have settled in gentrifies
-   artists collaborating with neighborhood orgs,  knowing and incorporating history of places, and finding ways to support mixed-income neighborhoods rather than be the first wave of gentrification
-   artists supporting a more connected Boston by getting to know artists in other neighborhoods – particularly low income, people of color and underserved neighborhoods - and spending time in other neighborhoods than their own
What Artists Knead Breadmaking Party #3
The Riverbank, Mattapan
5pm-7:30pm, August 30, 2015
co-host Mattapan Cultural Arts (Sierra Khan and Cassandra Cato Lewis)
[12 participants]
-   More art programming for youth and teens both after-school and in-school
   Mattapan is one of the most underserved communities in Boston
   Winds instrumental music programs for kids, as stand-alone or add-on to existing strings programs
   Percussion programs in and out of school
  Website for parents seeking after-school and arts ed information to connect with private teachers
and afterschool programs
-   Greater Networking for artists in Mattapan:Neighborhood-based networking
-   A Cultural Center
-   Weekly event like at the Haley House
   Artists’ Night
-   a Porchfest –type festival
-   More community gathering spaces
Boys & Girls Club
Under-25 parties hosted by an organization for safe and connecting activities
City-supported Block Parties
Incentives to businesses to share their space
no more tax breaks for Churches though!
-   Affordable housing for all
-   Better access to information about grants and funding opps
-   Strategies for communities of color, low-income to have more outdoor gatherings
Permitting is a hassle and police presence is threatening
-   Living Wage in Boston – fight for 15
-   Reliable, local source for events info – no longer have the neighborhood Banner
How to connect with folks who are not on-line?
Using school newsletters
Community center
   Research needed to understand where folks go
how to connect with different age groups
   18-30, single (no kids) – how to reach this group
- Universal art/artist database where show/grant opportunities could be pulled together into one place, but also a local artist database so that artists can connect by whatever means they would like.
Maybe starting with the database that Deval Patrick had put together of Mass. artists but more comprehensively so that if I were doing something with ceramists, I could pull people up by that, or if I wanted only Roslindale artists, I could pull them up by that too.
It would encourage networking and collaboration.

What Artists Knead Breadmaking Party#4
Beth Ireland’s home
Ashfield St., Roslindale
6pm-8:30pm, August 31, 2015
co-host Beth Ireland
[8 participants]
-   Maker spaces
-   City-created and delineated outdoor spaces for public performances and art
-   Schools: use as rehearsal space in exchange for teaching an arts workshop
-   Artists in Suitcases – artists as substitute teachers as done in Penland NC
Paid twice as much as regular subs
   Income for artists, supplemental arts experiences for students
-   More gallery spaces
-   More City-sponsored and promoted outdoor festivals/events like Shakespeare on the Common
   Center of City should be more diverse; also neighborhood-based
-   Multicultural Festival
-   Late-night MBTA service to enable people going to events to get home reliably/safely
-   A centralized website with information on events and grants
Can be a place for feedback
-   Artists collaborating with community organizations to help/expand their approach to tackling urgent social questions
-   Connecting with neighborhoods
   Artist-in-Residence programs in neighborhoods
   Use libraries
   Girls and Boys Clubs, local art centers
-   More City funding and grants!
-   Events and programming that address folks in different stages of life
   Including very young and the elderly
What Artists Knead Breadmaking Party #5
Haley House Café, Roxbury
6pm-8pm September 1, 2015
co-host Jeremy Thompson, Haley House Cafe
[9 participants]
-   More information about grants, with more notice
  Especially for artists in Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan
-   More arts programs in schools
-   local short-term Artist-in-Residence programs
  2 weeks, neighborhood based
-   more affordable working space for artists
-   break starving artist mentality
  need workshops and classes on how to make your art a business
-   Open and transparent City vendor selection process
   how to become a City vendor for arts services (like music for City events)
   can this process be rotating and fair so more artists participate?

-   gatherings for teaching artists

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